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China Shipbuilding Industry 5.0 billion will be issued 23 short melting
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China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation issued the prospectus said the company will be issued from 23 November 2010 the first phase of short-term financing bonds, issuing 50 billion the amount, duration 365 days. It is reported that the company amounted to 16.0 billion registered offering, the current for the first period. Up to now corporate bond issuer to repay the balance to be 3.5 billion medium-term notes to repay the balance to be 30 billion short-term financing bonds to be repaid the balance of 20 million. Financial face value of 100 yuan a short period, parity issue, the form of a fixed interest rate, nominal interest rates by the issuer and bookrunner consensus based on the results of bookkeeping filing identified short-term financing bills in the current period of existence fixed. November 24 issue payment bonds registered by the Duke Comprehensive Evaluation of the International Credit Rating Co, the current short-term financing bills in the credit rating of A-1 level; the main long-term issuer credit rating of AAA. Notice that all of this to raise funds to be used to purchase steel and other purchased parts to ensure smooth production and operations of the company.