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Shipping enterprises in Zhejiang Lan 7.0 billion offshore support vessels and
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June 25, 2010, by the spring, and shipbuilding Group Holdings of private enterprises in Zhejiang Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (Zhejiang shipbuilding) in Ningbo with the world's leading marine services provider Bourbon of France signed a framework agreement. In accordance with the The agreement stipulated that in the next few years, Zhejiang Shipbuilding Company for the construction of Bourbon, including platform supply vessels, anchor for the supply of vessels towed 62 boats with a total amount of about 70 billion yuan. "Zhejiang Shipbuilding in China is a strategic partner to rely on, the cooperation has been amply demonstrated before, Zhejiang Shipbuilding in China could produce the most stringent quality standards in line with our ships, and we do not all these years Run-off, also found the best model for bilateral cooperation. "Bourbon Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Jacques de Chateauvieux said in the interpretation of this agreement," Zhejiang could provide us with integrated shipbuilding The integration of services, not only can ship, you can also take the best meet our requirements of ship design, this integrated capability is our very valued. " Chun and Leung Ray Group, Chairman of the Board said, "Since its inception, Zhejiang Shipbuilding firm to go international road, and Bourbon at this company is an important partner on the road, so far we have made the 100 Bourbon Ship. Bourbon for the construction of these vessels the choice is definitely the strength of our technology, which is to adhere to the years of Zhejiang Shipbuilding quality development, actively implement the transformation of the results. " It is understood that since the establishment of Zhejiang Shipbuilding, adhering to the "products will be simple to achieve the ultimate," "market segment leader in made" development strategy, in constant pursuit of technological upgrading, while the integrated management of production processes And the continuous development of their own ship design capability to provide customers with a comprehensive shipbuilding services. Zhejiang Shipbuilding development thus creating a miracle, the output value quickly soared to 5.2 billion yuan last year.