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Qingdao North Ship management company today officially put into operation
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October 18 morning, by the introduction of Pearl Hill Street North ship management companies in Qingdao officially put into operation, marking the ship parts Jiaonan manufacturing entered a new stage of development.

Jiaonan city leaders Jiang Jian Jun, Yu Yang, UPON COMBINATION Hai Feng, Zhang Jianguo, and Qingdao North Ship Heavy Industries Chairman, President Chen Zheng attended the opening ceremony.

Jiaonan Mayor Jun Jiang Jian said in his speech, Qingdao North Ship management companies opened Jiaonan economic and social development is a major event. In recent years, Jiaonan seize the "Central Bay protection, pro-Bay," the historic opportunity to vigorously implement the "American habit" strategy to speed up port construction Dong mouth to promote the port logistics, marine high-tech, marine equipment manufacturing and other projects development. Officially put into operation the company, marking the ship parts Jiaonan to a new stage of the manufacturing sector, the relevant industry will play a positive role in promoting. Next, Jiaonan will continue to support the company's development to help enterprises bigger and stronger.

Qingdao North Ship Heavy Industries Chairman, President Chen Qing in his speech, thanked Jiaonan the strong support given to the company, and said the company will seize the opportunity to use advanced equipment, facilities, give full play to regional advantages and resources, and fostering new product, market, scale of production as soon as possible, in order to make its due contribution to local economic development.

Qingdao North Ship management companies of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation Haixi Bay ship repair base in supporting projects, mainly responsible for design of piping and fittings, fabrication and installation, ship fabrication and installation of the Outfitting, ship mechanical units and pipes Department of cell design, fabrication and installation, ship outfitting of collecting and distributing works. After the completion of the company will give priority to the north of Qingdao and Qingdao Shipbuilding Shipbuilding Shipbuilding weapons development, and gradually expanded to the field of marine engineering and other products for the development of Hercynian Bay Shipbuilding and services to provide reliable support.