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Start working of first multipurpose boat of lukewarm state city
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24 days, a hull takes 250 tons of heavy condole oneself, it is bulk cargo, container, dangerous to can lade taste the 17 thousand carring capacity that wait ton multipurpose boat, in Wen Zhou city glad arranges start working of ignition of company of ship trade group. This is lukewarm state city makes this kind of multipurpose vessel first, also be one of boats with the single ship top value that lukewarm state city makes at present () of nearly 200 million yuan of RMB, this boat will be passed the strictest on the world " German Lloyd's Register of Shipping (GL) " whole journey is supervised with check and accept finally.

Qi arranges ship line of business the day before yesterday the 17 thousand carring capacity of start working ton multipurpose boat, captain 144 meters, container load 898 box, endurance 12 thousand hours. Hull uses international advanced technique in great quantities, by world-renowned Maijijia the company participates in a design, have rotate hatchcover of type of board, fold. Chief expresses related this group, make difficulty of this boat technology big, additional cost is high also. Recommend read

It is reported, german Lloyd's Register of Shipping (GL) is ship's classification society of international old brand, one of 10 great ship's classification society of world, very strict to the attestation of shipbuilding technology, can enter " GL " the shipbuilding technology that the shipping of class means this dockyard achieved international tip level. Zhou Fanglong of general manager of group of Xin Shunchuan trade expresses, make this vessel, also be the company makes initiated challenge to shipping of world top class high quality, in very long in the past period of time, the company was making all sorts of boats and ships with fast difficulty of a large number of technology of other ship's classification society, after having relatively integrated technology actual strength, ability dare make the vessel of GL ship's classification society. (origin: Network of lukewarm city news)