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First Chinese produce super houseboat will " sail into " Italy
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Next year in January, inc. of project of shipping of Wuhan Nahua high speed makes " super houseboat " sail into Italy, consign shipowner, cost 7 million euro, it is the super houseboat that Wuhan builds the first times oneself.

According to Euramerican and current level, hull length is in 100 feet (it is 30 meters about) above calls super houseboat, deploy advanced fishing, live, the establishment such as phreatic water, main Xiang Fuhao, high-grade yacht club is offerred. This super houseboat that Na Hua makes has finished hull to build, hull overall length 31 meters, next year is OK in January consign Italy shipowner.

Wang Xuming of general manager of Nahua high speed expresses, production super houseboat order all is foreign exit, hull of the 2nd super houseboat exceeds 50 meters, still produce jointly with course of study of beautiful state-owend enterprise the 90 meters longest especially big and super houseboat. This year, gross value of industrial output of Na Hua shipping 500 million yuan. (origin: Wuhan evening paper)