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Shipbuilding of article ship company is produced can promote
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On October 9, the Guangzhou article strong dockyard that already finishing project of main body of dock technical reformation is finite 60 thousand tons of level of liability company inside a dock, the container ship with Hua Na the largest area -- 2800TEU container boat section is docking embark. So far, 2 a berth of implementation of article ship company, a depressed place, a depressed place " 3 lines " general assembly shipbuilding, have year build 3500TEU the following container large dredger reachs 70000 tons of the following multipurpose under boat, 30000 stere the ability of 18 above such as the boat.

2006, the article ship company that gives priority to course of study with lay-up so turns development centre of gravity to shipbuilding domain. To enlarge shipbuilding ability, this company was started 2007 medium or small project of shipping technical reformation. On March 19, 2007, go into operation of engineering of technical reformation of two dock of this company. Former building dock of 25 thousand tons of class is received to grow 35 meters, change grow 237 rice, 28 meters wide, deep 9.4 meters new dock, already in December 2007 share investment is used. Former repair dock of 15 thousand tons of class is widened 12 meters, receive 70 meters long, change grow 240 rice, 36 meters wide, deep building dock of 9.4 meters 60 thousand tons of class, main body project was finished recently.

Article ship company continues in all at present order of 2800TEU container ship 16. This docking the overall length of 2800TEU container ship that embark 212.6 meters, model 32.2 meters wide, model deep 20.3 meters, designed draft 10.5 meters, structural draft 12.5 meters, service speek of a ship or plane 22.2, endurance is 17500 sea mile, enter German Lloyd's Register of Shipping, by German ABH design firm is in charge of detailed design, article ship company assumes manufacturing design.

Current, article ship company holds order 58, 150 much carring capacity ton, among them container ship 47, dredger 7, multipurpose boat 4, hand in sailing date to discharge to 2012. Next, the harmony that this company will try hard to promote hardware construction and software construction develops. On one hand, clutch a depressed place that finish changes project of form a complete set, because produce the problem such as inadequacy of the manufacturing site that elevator belt comes to, can relevant equipment,solve as soon as possible, develop the action of new dock adequately; On the other hand, begin corresponding shipbuilding actively to build modular job, straighten the administrative system such as production, technology, quality, safety, ensure safe, orderly, efficient production. (pick from: In website of boat group company)