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Duan Jiumo of shade of river of the Yangtse River ton class seagoing vessel ente
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On October 16 afternoon 4 when, safeguard meticulously maritimely in Jiangyin below, jiangsu new raise child the seagoing vessel of bulk cargo of 90 thousand tons of class that dockyard makes enters the water smoothly.

This boat is full-length 230 meters, 38 meters wide, carring capacity ton 92500 tons, again refresh Jiang Yin area under administration enters the water shipping tonnage record.

To ensure this " gigantic without bully " enter the water successfully, bureau of Jiang Yinhai thing organizes an expert to hold safe argumentation to meet. In integrated consideration the circumstance such as channel, hydrology and weather issues those who made nicety to safeguard plan, organize a light boat of 3 seas patrol and whole journey of tug of 4 great horse power to safeguard. In the meantime, around berth water area adopted traffic control measure, enter the water for this annulus safety offer environment of favorable be open to navigation or air traffic.

Development of industry of river shade shipbuilding is swift and violent this year. Up to now, already 48 new shipbuilding enter the water smoothly in river shade. (origin: Chinese news network)