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Project of heavy industry of shipping of Jiangsu embellish prosperous is compreh
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18 days morning, in the city in raise 8 bridges press down the edge of the Yangtse River of a sector of an area of boundless blessing village, glow village to go up, always invest shipping of 2.5 billion yuan Jiangsu embellish prosperous to be versed in limited company holds celebration of overall put into production again.

Embellish prosperous project is one of priority discipline that the our city carries out this year, began to prepare to construct first half of the year last year, the first ten days of a month will change via province hair this year in June appoint approval project approving. Project first phase project invests 1.55 billion yuan, take up deep water water front 1288 meters, build workshop of commercial and transportation center of berth of 2 50 thousand tons of class, data, hull, collect to match the establishment such as the center. The project is amounted to postpartum, wait for marine engineering product in order to produce platform of the oil tanker of discharge of float type oil storage of high additional cost, half work on Qian Shihai to give priority to, can produce per year marine platform 2 - 3, have tanker of 50 thousand tons of year of container ship that always produces box of 600 thousand tons of 500 mark, class at the same time, 50 thousand - the ability of boat of bulk cargo of 80 thousand tons of class, year sales revenue will exceed 8 billion yuan.

As we have learned, inside this year, this company will have 57 thousand tons of bulk cargo annulus early or late start working is built, berth closure, realize production value 300 million yuan; Next year will have 6 boats to be built at the same time, plan 1.6 billion yuan to finish production value; To 2010, production value can amount to 3 billion yuan. (pick from: People net)