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In boat share bear crane of the arm that build sheet boat
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The latest news of website of group of the boat in occupying, limited company of shipping of seagoing vessel factory is entrusted on in boat share (600072) build signing ceremony of boat contract of crane of 2500 tons of thin arms, held in Shanghai a few days ago. Boat share plans in with bear build crane of 2500 tons of thin arms the boat is chance, add field of engineering of speed army ocean.

According to the contract, boat share always contracts in build crane of 2500 tons of thin arms boat, include to design, make, installation, attemper and obtain evidence wait for multinomial task, in 16 months after the contract is signed, namely the end of the year made a vessel 2009.

Crane of 2500 tons of thin arms boat overall length 105.6 meters, model 42 meters wide, model deep 8 meters, designed draft 5.5 meters, structural draft 5.8 meters, be fully loaded with displacement to make an appointment with 23750 tons, enter class China ship's classification society. Whole world of GPS of the installation on the boat locates appearance, safety monitors supervisory and control arrangement of warning decice, engine room, the system still manages of computer control on crane (CMS) wait for advanced equipment.

This boat is blame from regular boat ship, the Yangtse River that boat division is Su Tong big bridge, Yang Pu big bridge is downstream area and maritime space of Chinese coastal waters, heavy hoisting exercise needs to be reached in inland river since obstruct maritime space dock to undertake, be in charge of assembling and unassemble all sorts of large heavy mail, large machinery and water industry member.

In recent years, boat share always contracts in made many large crane, the ability removing condole that the shipping that waits for an area in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Jiangsu builds long factory to build or building is 600 tons, 800 tons, 900 tons large reach exceed large dragon gantry crane in all 16, the product already formed series, the company has the technical capacity that heavy equipment makes since large whole set. Crane of 2500 tons of thin arms the boat is the heavy-duty and mechanical equipment that is used at shipping build and repair and marine project to build. It is reported, only heavy-duty and mechanical equipment is in marine project to go up to have 30 billion ~ every year when this age bound production value of 40 billion dollar, and perspective is wide.

Up to by August, boat share shifts to an earlier date in 4 months were overfulfiled this year annual 1.2 billion yuan management task, and already whole removes Shanghai is long promote an island, begin to build China the largest ship matchs center and large steel structure to make base. Company personage expresses, in at present product of shipping form a complete set is in boat share advocate the scale in business Wu already by the past 15% 50% what rise to now, predict to still will have henceforth more substantially rise.

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