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Happy event of mansion boat heavy industry greets 150 time industry of shipbuild
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(Xiamen net dispatch) on October 18 afternoon, happy event of mansion boat heavy industry greets 150 time absurd.

The predecessor that mansion boat is versed in again -- several when Xiamen dockyard ever witnessed Xiamen and even Chinese shipbuilding industry the first. Arrived to go up century 559 time, mansion boat weighs one of state-owned companies with the biggest dimensions that labour ever was can be counted on one's fingers of mansion retail sales. Enter on century 90 time, mansion boat weighs labour to begin the change of thoroughly remould oneself. Different ground removed 1996 transform and after share-holding system was transformed 2002, product class promotes 50 thousand tons of class from 10 thousand tons of class, the medium-sized container cargo ship that forms high additional cost gradually and boat of large motor transportation product of two core series, it is world shipping company early or late bear the shipping product that built Gao Shuiping. Among them the boat of 53800 tons of bulk cargo that of the most influential force is production of batch of mansion boat heavy industry " Xiamen day " , " Xiamen sea " , by international shipping group praise for " Xiamen " 4900 cars the car rolls lading, become Xiamen shipbuilding industry to go up in the world " calling card " .