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Zhejiang shipbuilding is built fold a law " fold " give high rate
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By September, enter phase of mooring trial test as boats of 8 53100 tons of bulk cargo, 3 embarking ministries carry out shipbuilding of Zhejiang shipbuilding limited company " build fold a law " craft, jump over " fold " Yue Xian is ripe, make berth cycle shortens 30 days, utilization rate raises field 25 % .

Pile up ground is little it is to restrict Zhejiang shipbuilding to shorten all the time the bottleneck of embarking cycle. Previously, the field of this firm embarking department can pile up only the 1 / of a boat 3 section, embarking cycle wants 4.5 months on average, achieve 5 months even sometimes. Building 3500TEU container ship when 2 boats, embarking ministry begins to carry out " build fold a law " : Use armor plate and production more than makings made a few pillar, in order to increase the ability sufferring force of bottom section and shipboard, in cotton of the cliff on the juncture department store between section, because attrition or collision bring about paint to fall off,prevent; 3 shipboard are folded on bottom section, 3 shipboard are folded again on 3 shipboard, raise a ground utilization rate thereby, ensured the integrality of section.

Up to now, this new technology has been in 2 3500TEU container gets succeeding executive on 5 boats such as the boat. (Pick from: Chinese shipping signs up for)