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Shipbuilding industry enters trend of be issued to lower levels gradually
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Hangzhou of Xinhua News Agency exposition of industry of shipping of the 2nd international will reach report 15 days 17 days to be held in Zhejiang stage city on October 16. Attend the meeting many expert made early-warning to trend of be issued to lower levels of future of Chinese shipping industry.

The industry of civilian battalion shipbuilding that holds 15 days afternoon grows forum to go up, cast when the expert piece " " the world when hardship " in the future of industry of civilian battalion shipbuilding " when this one task, full-court is full, because boat bosses are the afraidest, is prospective situation.

Expert of research center of economy of Chinese shipping industry wraps Zhang Jing to be analysed, arrived 2003 2007 is market of god-given world new vessel prosperous period, just in time of Chinese shipbuilding industry caught up with this one golden age, industry of civilian battalion shipbuilding also obtained great progress. But begin from this year, suffer the United States second borrow the influence with the crisis and world fatigued and weak economy, shipbuilding industry already entered trend of be issued to lower levels gradually, will ebb further 2009.

"Will mix this year in August September clinch a deal the quantity already glided apparently. And the RMB appreciates to also be opposite Chinese boat look forward to is very adverse, weakening ceaselessly relative to the price advantage at look forward to of boat of main rival Korea. " Bao Zhangjing says, "Once market callback, market of bulk cargo boat takes the lead in the most likely fall after a rise. And the product construction of dockyard of Chinese civilian battalion is single, 2/3 it is order of bulk cargo boat, will bring major effect to civilian battalion small and medium sized business consequently. Will bring major effect to civilian battalion small and medium sized business consequently..

Bosses of proposal boat look forward to want Bao Zhangjing against a rainy day, undertake separate analysis to the ship-owner circumstance in each vessel that make, beware of retreats sheet to cause significant loss to civilian battalion dockyard because of ship-owner.

The expert of German Lloyd's Register of Shipping expresses, dockyard of Zhejiang civilian battalion must answer to go down a few years to receiving intense market competes, and quality will be the key that life and death of civilian battalion dockyard lives or die.

The administrator of boss of stage go ashore and look forward to of civilian battalion boat listens wholeheartedly. Shipbuilding of stage city circumference expresses on behalf of Xu Yuping: "These experts say very really. Our Zhejiang enterprise also had realized a few problems, begin to begin to answer. " (origin: Economic reference signs up for)