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Long promote shipbuilding base to enter yield in the round new level
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Shanghai can build the history of A Fula of 110 thousand tons of class tanker to be adapted eventually only. Yesterday morning 7 when make, boat Changjiang Delta grows 297 thousand tons of class that promote shipbuilding base to build in super former tanker (VLCC) finishing consign. This is the former tanker of the biggest tonnage that since Shanghai opens port, builds, also be to grow the first VLCC that promotes shipbuilding base to produce, base enters the shipbuilding that indicating this one China is the biggest to yield in the round new level.

"Of the Yangtse River bead " date annulus overall length 333 meters, be equivalent to 35 5 tons " liberate " the length with card lorry conterminous from beginning to end, want to stand on a 20 buildings with tall layer, just getting the end end mast of radar of cab upper part quite. This boat by in boat group company develops a design 708 times independently, have international advanced economy, environmental protection sex and security, it is home the first VLCC boat that has own intellectual property, also be the tanker of the biggest tonnage that throughout history of company of group of Chinese shipping industry builds.

Long promote shipbuilding company from last year on May 18 since put into production, management production presents a fast, orderly favorable situation, two dock came true (paratactic) half series connection is built. At present start working ship 20, consign 2, hold order 8.318 million carring capacity ton, among them VLCC16, accommodation arrangement comes 2011. (Origin: On October 16, 2008 civil report)