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Shipping of creation of dockyard of long boat green hill enters the water new re
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On October 6, general manager of group of Luo Qingquan of secretary of Hubei provincial Party committee, China long boat holds Liu Xihan of Party committee secretary concurrently to wait to be the boat of 57 thousand tons of bulk cargo with Greek exit jointly with Greek ship-owner delegate " Kawa Puladanuosi, yang Song of secretary of municipal Party committee of vice secretary of Hubei provincial Party committee, Wuhan announces to enter the water your.

"Kawa Puladanuosi " number is launched smoothly, broke the record of shipping tonnage world that uses mechanical side slipway to enter the water. This is the shipping of above of 50 thousand tons of class that dockyard of green hill of Chinese long boat builds first, also be current China in the shipping of the biggest tonnage that the area builds. As we have learned, at present start working reachs green hill dockyard in build shipping 24, this factory will realize gross value of industrial output 2008 3.8 billion yuan year end.

It is reported, to satisfy exit marine asks, the form that industry of shipbuilding of Chinese long boat goes with be being dug upcountry undertook technical reformation to what belonging to dockyard, promoted productivity, promoted a product to upgrade transition. At present China grows put together of boat shipbuilding industry to add up to the cogongrass before productivity ranks the whole nation. (Origin: China hands in a bulletin)

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