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World shipbuilding peak will kick off in Shanghai in November
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Around the focal topic that just pays close attention to each, this second activity will traverse 4 three-year institution of higher learning to inscribe: Shipbuilding & shipping; Shipbuilding & finance; Shipbuilding & cost is controlled (equipment & steely) ; Shipbuilding & technology is normative. Pass specific topic for discussion, panel discussion, open mode speaks, and man-to-man meet meeting, while be in harmony collects tremendous information content, help representing attending the meeting are in be familiar with person of the same trade of each domain industry.

Near 33 high level personages are invited to share their viewpoint and experience, they come from Yang Zijiang shipbuilding, dalian shipping weighs labour, qingdao north boat weighs labour, group of Changjiang Delta shipbuilding, yangzhou ocean, commerce of Chinese shipping industry, group of 10 thousand nation, clipper Group, leonhardt&Blumberg, vroon B.V. , dr. Peters Gruppe, norwegian bank, london is marine research organization, european shipbuilding is allied, research center of market of Chinese shipping industry, shipping economy and content shed the well-known company such as the institute and orgnaization.

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