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The 22nd China solders exposition is held ceremoniously in Nanjing
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Time: In September 2008 25~27 day

Place: Nanjing international exhibits a center (dragon coil road 88)

In September, orange osmanthus waves sweet season.

China solders exposition, home is most famous " country the name " solder the brand is exhibited.

The season with picturesque poem is like in this, once among the blends in modern industry billow tide with historical fast already famous city, will greet China to solder the classical grand meeting of the industry -- the 22nd China solders exposition.

China solders exposition, establish at reforming and opening at the beginning of, in the your kind effort of entire industry support falls, hold 21 successfully already. Came 27 days on September 25, 2008, the 22nd China solders exposition pulls a hand domestic and international numerous solder manufacturer, taking the newest gain of world each district, come to ancient capital of this 6 government. Nowadays, accompany Jiangsu and the rapid development that grow trigonometry countryman economy, the key such as machine of pressure vessel of engine of equipment of Nanjing and the circumjacent shipbuilding of the area, petrifaction, railroad, steel structure, boiler, project solders user industry development is very rapid, tremendous market potential is sure to be met in solder rich the Mo Cai with grand brushstroke of the infuse on the history.

Current, distance congress kicks off to have only short less than in January time, congress organizing committee is holding those who have final level smoothly to prepare for congress nervously. As a result of the attention of entire industry and support, together with reachs the understanding that industry of long triangle region grows to Jiangsu, current mass rally is extensive assemble home solders the lead person of the industry and numerous promising young person, the well-known company ginseng that still drew the country such as the United States, Japan, Germany, Korea, Sweden, Denmark, Canada is exhibited. The one large window of current mass rally, it is to come from be in "
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