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International of Dalian of the 6th China is maritime exhibition will kick off on
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The domestic and international orgnaization that at present ginseng signing up exhibits already achieved 437, book exhibit 843, course of study of its China foreign enterprise 118, book exhibit achieve 178, include 5 countries such as Korea, Japan, Norwegian, Denmark, Singapore to exhibit group and Korea STX, Denmark Ou Bao, Norwegian the international such as 17 groups is famous enterprise, shipping of ship's classification society of German Lloyd's Register of Shipping, Norwegian ship's classification society, Japanese maritime association, Korea, Italy ship's classification society, Russia registers the international such as the bureau ship's classification society; Enterprise of form a complete set of group of Chinese shipping heavy industry and subordinate and main dockyard, shipping and scientific research orgnaization appear on collective, it is current ginseng exhibits the shipping group with the biggest dimensions. In far group, medium ship's classification society of sea group, China also is participated in with formidable battle array, liaoning, Fujian, Zhejiang 3 provinces guild forms a delegation ginseng exhibit, wei bavin motivation (28.98, - 0.61, - 2.06% , ) , the key enterprise ginseng such as Falilai exhibits Electromechanical of course of study of treasure of engine of Shenzhen ocean king, endowment this world, Dalian engine, Shanghai, Wuhan, the part such as fontal city shipbuilding company of civilian battalion shipping also signs up ginseng exhibit.

“ international is maritime grand meeting, face Chinese market ” , it is international of current China Dalian the theme of maritime exhibition and tenet. This exhibition is in the world maritime internationalization process is accelerated ceaselessly, Sino-Japanese Han the Three Kingdoms forms triangle of world shipbuilding gold, chinese harbor boat and ship line of business grow quickly, the strength that Liaoning cites complete province accelerates “ coastal economy of 5.1 line ” takes construction, dalian forms international shipping center and shipping base to build what hold below strong background.