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2009 China (peaceful city) exhibition of international shipping industry
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The corresponding period holds: Shipbuilding industry equipment and solder cut is exhibited

Show time: On March 18, 2009 - 20 days

Show a location: Peaceful state city sports center (the road austral east wind of peaceful state city 488)

Support an unit: Government of people of peaceful state city

Jiangsu saves economic trade commission

Sponsor an unit: Peaceful state city develops and reform committee

Commission of trade of economy of peaceful state city

Peaceful state city pays stimulative commission of China International trade meeting

Assist run an unit: Inc. of shipbuilding of Jiangsu new century

Limited company of shipping of peaceful city port

Limited company of engineering of Jiangsu east shipping

Peaceful city limited company of engineering of 3 peaceful shipping

3 blessing shipping projects of peaceful state city limited company

Jiangsu new raise child shipbuilding limited company

Undertake unit: Nanjing collects couplet to show service limited company

Guangzhou collects an exhibition to serve limited company


Shipping industry is main strategy industry, collect technology intensive, labor is concentrated model, capital is concentrated model at an organic whole, industrial correlation is spent big, industrial chain length, move economic growth to have main effect to pulling. Business of Jiangsu shipping industry is centered, ocean-going vessel and inland-water-ways vessel production have decisive place in home, breed of form a complete set is all ready, development potential is tremendous. Annual produce of Jiangsu shipping industry amounted to 70 billion yuan 2007, shipbuilding gross is successive and old the whole nation the first.
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