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Han of boat ability, Jiangsu connects heavy industry, OMO head to make FPSO SEVA
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On August 23, go up with the river bank on the west in Jiangsu Nantong city, colourful Yang Gaozhao, colored flag flies upwards. Repose the Jiangsu Han that be here connects shipping to be versed in limited company is enmeshed in gas of a happy event again. By in shipping of boat ability, Han Tong weighs labour and OMO (Offshore Pte of & of Singapore Ocean Marine. , ltd) in this action travel head makes platform of oil storage of type of rise of sea of FPSO SEVAN300 NO.4 enter the water celebration ceremony.

As the development of industry of world marine oil, marine project becomes China and even the heat that world shipbuilding industry pays close attention to. Mixed in May 2006 in June 2007, the design that Norwegian SEVAN MARIER and company of Xiamen of imports and exports of Chinese aviation technology and Jiangsu Han know shipping to be versed in limited company signed main hull of platform of oil storage of type of rise of sea of FPSO SEVAN300 NO.4 respectively again, purchase and build contract and central well, before the design of building of engine room, life, purchase and build, be in charge of inspect manage building by Norwegian DNV ship's classification society certainly. From now on, by in company of boat ability Xiamen takes the lead to weigh company of labour, OMO to make platform of this cylinder marine oil storage jointly with Han Tong.

The main hull of type of cylinder of oil storage of type of rise of sea of this FPSO SEVAN300 NO.4, the diameter is 65 meters, height is 64 meters, make an appointment with 12 thousand tons again. This platform need not complex and turn costlily tower and rotate seal unit, unique cylinder type design enhanced motivation and stability, raised a nucleus to hold an amount. After this platform complete, will at long-term 2009 moor at water area of England of the North sea; But day processing liquid makes an appointment with 80 thousand pails, day processes crude oil 30 thousand pails, daily water treatment 70 thousand pails, oil storage ability can amount to 3 million pails.

According to introducing, this platform is a whole world platform of oil storage of ocean of type of float of the 4th drum, also be the oil storage of maritime float type that the first use berth undertakes slipping type is launched platform, its building is sure to become a milepost of industry of Chinese marine engineering. The reporter is connected in Jiangsu Han when shipping is versed in limited company is interviewed again, see, this model follow-up platform, building in.

Industry of aviation of the municipal Party committee of Jiangsu province Nantong, leader of municipal government, China is the leader of company of the first group, medium the concerned leader of the leader of maritime company, city that tell a state mixes language of the leader of area of China of the leader of head office of boat ability imports and exports, Norwegian ship's classification society, a place of strategic importance Jiangsu Han, the more than 1000 employee that tell shipping to weigh labour with Han attended launching ceremony together.
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