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Development of raise boat group is begun " rationalize proposal "
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A few days ago, company of group of trade of Yang Zijiang ship allots Jiangsu and announce aed string of 1000 cash of this group company " the announcement that advances rationalize proposal about do sth on a large scale " , with period more thorough ground develops this activity, promote the nurturance of innovation of employee of each administrative levels and consciousness of “ housekeeping ” , make the company lowers this synergism moves toward careful and efficient development way stage by stage.
Group of trade of Yang Zijiang ship begins Jiangsu long-standing of rationalize proposal activity, if the predecessor Jiangsu from it calculates when Yang Zijiang dockyard,rise, have history of 10 years about. This activity falls for the enterprise not only this synergism, and the innovation consciousness that trained employee and consciousness of “ housekeeping ” . According to this company that reporter at hand masters the data 2005 makes clear: This year this activity, the rationalize that gets stuff in all suggests 78. Among them, production, manage, craft respect 59; Respect of safe production, business management 12, other respect 7. These proposals come from the administrative layer that produces a gleam of mostly, be adopted entirely after read overmarginalia of classics general manager or adopt partly, saved manpower, material resources and financial capacity for the company, some improved product quality, promoted science management and progress of science and technology. According to statistic, 75 proposals that are accepted, countable benefit amounts to 1.5 million yuan.
Expand as the development of the enterprise, on the foundation of company of Yang Zijiang dockyard, take advantage of an opportunity is advanced, jump over river development, built new raise child shipbuilding company. Build Jiangsu with two companies group again company of group of trade of Yang Zijiang ship, nowadays already is a great undertaking the well-known company in industry of shipbuilding of big, Jiangsu, but it is a form in order to develop activity of ” of “ rationalize proposal, the convention of the innovation that stimulates employee and “ housekeeping ” did not run. The announcement of this activity that gives out recently, highlighted the following at 3 o'clock: Above all, the group established rationalize to suggest the activity heads a group, hold the post of a group leader by president, the member that two companies head a group, tubal division is look forward to to handle affairs daily orgnaization, be in charge of day-to-day management; Next, do good conduct propaganda to start the work, make every employee (outside including assist labour) witting participate in; Again, emphasize a group decision-making layer and administrative layer should remove a model to be the first action. The group is aimed at the personnel of disparate arrangement of ideas, set fall accordingly the index of this synergism.
Company of group of trade of Yang Zijiang ship begins Jiangsu rationalize proposal activity, had formed a program and way in practice: Employee has rationalize proposal, ying Xiantian " rationalize suggests to express " , give form division of valve of look forward to. By division of valve of look forward to every rationalize to be being collected is suggested, undertake classified registering, arrange and study an analysis, organize survey according to content is coordinated directly or taking the lead, put forward to improve plan, hand in general manager examine and verify to evaluate, newspaper president implements a department certainly; Rationalize suggests to adopt or carry out after finishing, by leader group advanced to its sex, feasibility, economic benefits makes an assessment, dog by division of valve of look forward to, examination, supervise and direct, evaluate every months. Division of valve of look forward to suggests to want to be inside a weekday to rationalize, the processing opinion that will suggest and person of result reply proposal, be respected adequately and cherish the enthusiasm of proposal person and creativity. On the award that this group company suggests in rationalize, all through the ages takes seriously very. The way that offers recently more more perfect than before, establish a proposal award and accept reward every mix 50 yuan for 20 yuan respectively. Produce economic benefits, after classics business accounting and examine and verify, in the economic benefits that increases in the first year, take out 5% award to carry out a person to proposal support of the people. The person that achievement is highlighted, “ can be judged to highlight contributive award ” end of the year. Whole activity sums up half an year, advance to more extensive, more thorough administrative levels ceaselessly.
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