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Jiangsu benefit raise exports powerboat first times to enter the water
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On August 22, the tanker of 4500 tons of finished product that by line of business of ship of Jiangsu benefit raise limited company builds for Nigeria ship-owner enters the water smoothly. This is the powerboat of the first exit that this company move builds to edge of the Yangtse River.

Line of business of ship of Jiangsu benefit raise limited company from 2005 change comes after side of river city river, have product structural adjustment, walked out of “ 3 years 3 strides ” : By build a boat to change direction so build large ship; By build inland-water-ways vessel to change direction build marine ship; Change exit to the boat by domestic boat. Current, this company is in 17 ships that build, having 10 is exit boat. What enter the water this is this company build for Nigeria head make a boat. This captain 100.21 meters, model 18 meters wide, model deep 9.6 meters, structural draft 6.5 meters, motivation uses GN8320ZC2B, power is 2500KW, speek of a ship or plane 12, loading capacity is 4500 tons, endurance 5000 sea mile, build by standard of CCS ship's classification society. After this boat investment moves, main shipping carries finished product oil plants littoral at West Africa.

Nigeria is located in ministry of West Africa southeast, it is the 6th oil of world exports big country. The government is opposite this country to build finished product tanker to take seriously very in China. Before this tanker enters the water, should the bey before national dust much city Benin big chief leads Lakaiyi delegacy calls in, attend the launching ceremony of this boat. Governor assistant those got a gentleman to publish ebullient address on celebration. He says, come to China glad meets Beijing Olympic Games is held, good figure of China left very deep impression to us. Of China ping-pong, volleyball is very fierce, these our Nigeria are no good, but of our football or travel. Deliver a speech in him before the end, halloo with Chinese: “ China is cheered! Chinese shipbuilding is cheered! ” attends on 1000 honoured guest of celebration and employee to anounce enthusiastic applause. The leader comrade of the leader comrade of concerned department of government of Jiangsu province people and government of river city people attended this boat enter the water ceremony.

Additional, tanker of 5500 tons of finished product is in two follow-up that company of estate of ship of Jiangsu benefit raise builds for Nigeria start working of the ignition that be the same as day.