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Ship of the regular boat in peaceful city weighs shipbuilding of industry put in
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On August 28, ship of the regular boat in peaceful city is versed in again limited company start working of light a fire of ships of two 57 thousand tons of bulk cargo, indicate project of capital construction of first phase ends this company basically, and put into production begins shipbuilding. The beach of bank of the Yangtse River that goes out of cultivation in former days, nowadays already is industry of a contemporary shipbuilding, stand erect is in Chinese shipbuilding industry forest.

This company is by shipping of peaceful city port company and in company of Beijing of boat ability imports and exports in November 2007 joint-stock established shipbuilding company, share scale is 55: 45, investment amount is 1.8 billion yuan of RMBs, in Jiangsu peaceful city high port area always installs continent town to own about 800 mus of land, water front of the Yangtse River 950 meters, build 100 thousand tons of dry dock, Xi of type of 780 meters of quay holds port city, 56 thousand ㎡ combines workshop and spray room to wait, have gantry crane of 600 tons of dragon 1, gantry crane of 200 tons of dragon 2, door type starter 5, deploy all sorts of removing heavy equipment many 70, press contemporary shipbuilding mode and craft demand, match neat advanced cold working, solder is cut wait for shipbuilding special device. first phase project begins from August 2007, the project invests 1.1 billion yuan of RMBs, build already basically at present; The 2nd period the project will begin this year in July, will invest 700 million yuan of RMBs, plan at was being finished before the bottom 2009. After building entirely, shipbuilding ability will be amounted to produce per year 80 ~ 1 million carring capacity ton.

Two of this ignition start working 57 thousand carring capacity ton bulk cargo boat, build for German ship-owner, captain 189.99 meters, model 32.26 meters wide, model deep 18 meters, designed draft 11.3 meters, structural draft 12.8 meters, speek of a ship or plane 14.2 class, power 9480KW, endurance 18 thousand sea mile, enter ship's classification society of GL, BV.