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Yangzhou ocean shipbuilding carries out PSPC actively
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Begin from August, the series of ” of “ imperial crown that company of Yangzhou ocean shipbuilding is in company of group of shipbuilding of Pacific Ocean of —— of its superior company to own own intellectual property on boat of 58 thousand tons of energy-saving bulk cargo, take the lead in carrying out international Maritime Organization (IMO) " shipping is special two shipboard location protects briny ballast tank and bulk cargo ship coating performance standard " (PSPC) .

Before this year July, this company did a large number of works to carry out IMO PSPC. Include among them: Will mix last year in April in October, invite what LR and expert of BV ship's classification society undertake PSPC to the company to explain to public respectively; Will choose again this year in April send 4 employee to LR Shanghai to divide a company to undertake grooming, obtained outfit of besmear of NACE Ⅱ class to examine case of persons qualified to teach. Clutching while executive PSPC software is built, still strengthened place to require hardware construction. They purchased the advanced testing instrument such as measuring instrument of appearance of a batch of dry film, wet film appearance, salinity plan, surface roughness and measure. Fall to real point in textural to ensure PSPC carries out the job, this year in May, the company established PSPC to advance working party. Below the organization of this job orgnaization, concerned personnel did a large number of works, they besmear to our company outfit job undertook investigating, detect, talk things over with ship-owner and paint service business, the relevant specification that combines other country to had obtained IMO to approbate and international concern quality standard, the work out gives those who suit our company to carry out PSPC to concern operating rules, after sending concerned ship's classification society to examine, allot concern a section each to the company, undertake serious announce be linked together and meticulous preparation. This year June the last ten-day of a month, this company held IMO PSPC to carry out the job to advance meeting, to PSPC executive job was made harmonious, two when decide the imperial crown series in new go into operation energy-saving model take the lead in be being built by PSPC on bulk cargo boat, the mark is worn IMO PSPC by phase of announce be linked together, preparation, cross executive new level. Current, PSPC is being carried out smoothly in. Boats of this batches of 58 thousand tons of energy-saving bulk cargo plan to be in next year the middle ten days of a month will enter the water in Feburary, consign will be used April.