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Jiangsu develops houseboat manufacturing industry to must solve 5 big problems
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Save secretary of shipping industry guild to handle the not complete case of place control according to Jiangsu, jiangsu has houseboat manufacturing industry 63, its middling city is most 31, occupy 49% ; Without stannum 18, occupy 28.6% ; Suzhou 7, occupy 11.1% ; The others each city is only 9, these enterprises, basically make boat of boat of coastguard cutter, assault, gaily painted pleasure boat, sightseeing, the houseboat place on real significance holds proportion not big also. Have a few exit, the majority is sale in domestic market. Material basically is glass reinforced plastics character. Some city leads the Jiangsu that one just assumed office, hope Jiangsu saves secretariat of shipping industry guild to provide the basic case of Jiangsu houseboat manufacturing industry. The member that secretariat is sent inscribes the data that arranged at hand at this point, interviewed the expert of visit course of study, arrange the following 5 problems, perhaps develop houseboat manufacturing industry to be able to be helped somewhat to understanding Jiangsu and even throughout the country.

The first, the market problem of houseboat. Current, high pay estate of China has not produced very large interest to houseboat, because of this China houseboat inside need to still be less than moment. Lack primary market, production enterprise gets impossibly taking exercise. Some places once had done ” of “ yacht club, meaning in creation houseboat consumes the market, but not successful. 2003 some city once had done ” of “ houseboat dock, houseboat berth, consumption, fittings, be on sale wait for union to be together, want to form houseboat market through these, several years are lain between when, also do not have more messages. If be done very well, won't do not have a message. Without the market, less than taking exercise and have to rise, more do not talk to go up export market.

The 2nd, the design problem of houseboat. The houseboat design of our country still is in start level. Current, home seldom has mature design orgnaization and talented person. The design of houseboat and car are same, want new, the demand is very high, and update very fast, do not have the market otherwise. Exhibit in Shanghai houseboat on, once had the houseboat that an our country designs, also be not poor. But fall in the comparison of foreign houseboat apparently, appear poor, when exhibiting unmanned make inquires. The design should lay in force, union of concept of advanced design of sure requirement and abroad rises, digest the advanced design concept that draws abroad, add native land culture, form Chinese characteristic. The houseboat of Taiwan is designed, also such development rise. At present the design concept of Taiwan has developed the mainland gradually. There is company of island of a treasure in Suzhou, the Taiwanese is done, their product is sold namely abroad. From us circumjacent case looks, colleges and universities still makes major without setting houseboat. Without education houseboat is designed, make wait for technical qualified personnel.
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