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New condition is added on yellow Pu Jiang
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On August 2, the ” of date of “ east bright phearl that by Jiangsu company of engineering of Su Yang shipping is Shanghai Oriental bright phearl to visit a company to build yacht, in Shanghai east consign of bright phearl dock is used, make flourishing yellow Pu Jiang adds one new condition again.

The qualitative boat of motor-driven monomer steel that this boat is river of battalion luck yellow river mouth and water area of class of inland river B. Overall length 49.3 meters, model 13 meters wide, model deep 3.15 meters, speek of a ship or plane 15, endurance 600 sea mile, carry a passenger 400 people. This boat already was labelled rich of Shanghai “ world was met 2010 during ” , the delegate visits one of main yacht of river of Shanghai yellow riverside. Of this boat move, for Shanghai east bright phearl visits uprise of “ of company open up to look now Shanghai, multiply what the boat sees ” of riverside river two sides to visited a project to lay new foundation.