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Jiangsu is big bright introduce idea oil to grind equipment put into production
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Damingjin belongs to Jiangsu what products limited company introduces from Italy is medium thick leaf fat wears device a few days ago put into production, perfected the process instrumentation of stainless steel material further, extended stainless steel material to decorate the application that go up in shipping.

This company is treatment of stainless steel material, sale and the large company that deserve to send. This year on June 27, enterprise of science and technology of battalion of the countryman in the “2008 that announces in hall of Beijing people congress in 500 strong ” , on this company a list of names posted up famous, list the 121st. This year in May, this company is on the foundation that passes survey, they realize as marine science and technology the shipping of development and high additional cost increases, stainless steel material will be mixed in chemical boat, oil tanker pleasure boat on can be applied extensively. In the meantime, the stainless steel face plate that the outfit inside their cognizance shipping needs also can be used extensively. They to get used to this one demand, the decision precedes from Italian entrance international in horizontal stainless steel thick board oil wears device, and clutch install put into production, offer ornamental for ministry of shipping inside and outside as early as possible plank of elegant stainless steel.

Thick leaf fat wears device in this stainless steel of put into production of Jiangsu big Ming Gang, width of the biggest treatment is 2600 millimeter, length of the biggest treatment 8000 meters, ply size range of pipe bent 25 millimeter of 1 ~ , numerous parameter is in congener product all be among the best of candidates. This equipment product line is full-length 35 meters, grind arenaceous line photograph to compare with general veneer, increased two to repair grinding work art and sealed clean craft, can machine cold rolling and hot-rolling at the same time two kinds of surfaces, make sure board face is repaired grind even, without blind angle, put an end to pollution of dirt, grain. Process the exterior stencil steel that is base material with hot-rolling especially, finished product can achieve the exterior result that machines for base material with cold rolling. The lines of N0.4 watch face plate of treatment is distinct even, colour is flowery, oily board face burnish is exquisite, also can assure taller flatness at the same time.

The stainless steel data that passes treatment is divided apply to shipping besides adornment, still apply to equipment of aviation of the food machinery, equipment that pack, petrifaction equipment, spaceflight and traffic orbital adornment.