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Economy of countrywide shipping industry ran an analysis to report first half of
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(guild of Chinese shipping industry)

2008 first half of the year, industry of our country shipping overcame international the sources of energy to rise in price, raw material and labor cost raise, the RMB appreciates quickly, the influence such as oscillation of market of ice and snow and seismic calamity, shipping, production is managed maintain rapid growth, economic benefits continues to rise, economic riding quality promotes steadily.

One, economy runs fundamental condition

(one) finishing quantity maintains shipbuilding to grow quickly

First half of the year, countrywide shipbuilding is finishing estimate 10.24 million carring capacity ton, grow 36% compared to the same period; New carry on shipping order for goods 36.64 million carring capacity ton, drop compared to the same period 14% ; Hold shipping order one hundred and ninety-two million one hundred and seventy thousand carring capacity ton, grow 82% compared to the same period. By British carat Ke Song studies the company is right the statistical data of world shipbuilding gross, our country shipbuilding is finishing quantity, carry on new vessel order and hold shipping order for goods to hold world market share respectively 26% , 39% with 34% .

2008 first half of the year share of 3 market of big shipbuilding target

Unit: 10 thousand carring capacity ton

Shipbuilding index

China (A)

The world (B)

Chinese portion (A/B)

Finishing quantity




New order
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