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2008 China (Nantong) shipping and exhibition of product of form a complete set
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Time: September 2008 23-25 day Place: Nantong sports can exhibit a center

Sponsor an unit Undertake unit

Guild of Chinese shipping industry Commission of trade of Nantong city economy

Government of Nantong city people Bureau of collaboration of Nantong city foreign trade economy

Support an unit Bureau of Nantong town occurrences in human life

Division of Jiangsu province national defence is general do Bureau of Nantong city science and technology

Jiangsu saves shipbuilding industry guild International trade promotes Nantong city committee

Jiangsu saves shipbuilding project association Association of industry of Nantong city shipping

Shanghai builds boat industry guild

Shanghai builds boater Cheng society

Zhejiang saves shipping guild

Shanghai loves rich to show service limited company


Shipping manufacturing industry of China already pushed a body at world front row, the shipbuilding industry that reachs along the line of the Yangtse River littoral is fast grow in quantity, held shipping industry exposition to bring opportunity for Nantong.
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